Resource as a Service

We can help you augment your team to fast track your project delivery and to meet the increased support demand. Whether it’s a Project resource, Engineering resource or support staff, Anges Technologies will provide you the additional staff capacity even at a short notice.

Resource as a Service

Does your organization have an ongoing, long-term function/support activity with fluctuating resource demands? Or an
intensive, short-term project needing supplemental staff to work on-site?

Project resources

Software Testing Resources

Engineering Resources

Support Staff


Atech Services Can Meet Your Need

You might need a consultant for a three-month project or a full-time hands-on project manager.  You might have an existing team that needs augmentation to minimize downtime and maintain a consistent level of fulfilment.

Let Atech Services help you manage your staffing costs. Our primary staffing goal is to cover your specific need, cost
effectively and efficiently.

Resource Backfill Services

We understand the pain when you need specialist IT resources immediately however the need is to cover for a short term to cover for a staff on leave or manage the spike in support volume.

This can also happen during the roll-out of new of software or hardware and routine system upgrades when there is more work than an in-house IT team can manage, and extra resource is required, but only for a short time.

We can provide specialist back-fill staff to maintain “Business as Usual” or cover for your own staff whist they are on leave or seconded to a project.

Atech can provide one staff member or a whole project team to complement the existing team.